Speaker’s strength in Parliament acknowledged

Principal of William Cross College Mr Timoci Vosailagi thanked the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni for the strength she has shown in the running of our male-dominated Parliament.

While officially welcoming the Speaker at the beginning of the ‘Meet the Speaker’ programme this morning, the Principal emphasised that the strength the Speaker has shown in the control of the positive debates and arguments in Parliament will definitely shape our beloved nation.

He also assured the Speaker that her presence at the school will definitely lift the confidence level of their students, particularly, their young girls.

“I’m pretty sure that across the country, your role in Parliament will definitely uplift our young girls because they can emulate your achievement and your contribution towards our  nation and all its people, it will drive them to be someone like you in 10 to 15 years from now,” Mr Vosailagi said.

School headboy Jamil Suleman thanked the Speaker for explaining her role in Parliament, the functions of Parliament and how Parliament works.

“Most of us present this morning are unaware of the works of Parliament and we thank you sincerely for taking time out from your busy schedule to share it with us today.”

“This will be something that will remain with us forever and we will nurture what was imparted to us today.”

As elections is drawing nearer, Suleman highlighted that the Parliamentary processes explained; it has boosted their morale since they will be  taking part in the election.

“I am sure that most of us students who are above 18 have gained confidence with your presence since the elections is getting nearer. This has boosted the morale of us seniors of the school as we are the ones who will be voting in the upcoming elections,” Suleman said.

The Speaker visited the school as part of the programme where she enlightened the students about her role, the roles and functions of Parliament and how the students and teachers can engage in the Parliamentary processes.

At the end of the programme, the students collected Parliamentary educational materials and also viewed other items that were on display.

The Speaker will visit Lami Village on Thursday evening for her next Meet the Speaker programme.