Learning about Parliament can be interesting and fun.

The Parliament of the Republic of Fiji develops education programs and resources for students, teachers and the public at large.

‘Our SaY’ (Student and Youth) is our education and youth engagement flagship. It is a comprehensive education project targeted to students and youth. It is designed around four stages of learning development as students’ progress through primary and secondary education and on to tertiary education and the workplace. Our SaY includes resources for teaching of parliament, professional development for teachers, school based education programs such as role plays, practice parliaments and youth networking activities centred around parliament. Our SaY encourages students and youth to be active participants in our democracy.

Parliament Discovery Centre

‘Parliament Discovery Centre’ is our Parliament House experience flagship. A dedicated exhibition space at Parliament House, called Parliament Discovery Centre, will include exhibits and digital displays to inform the community about the history, people, procedures and work of the Parliament. The discovery centreis linked to a tours and events program. The communities are encouraged to visit Parliament and listen to the deliberations during Parliament sitting days or find out about the tours and events program.

Group Tours to Parliament

Any tours can be organised or call 3225640/381238 or 9908954. Free of Charge.

Any tours by groups and individuals to Parliament is an opportunity to:

Explore the ‘Parliament Discovery Center’;

Learn more about the role and works of Parliament through a 20-30 minute presentation and Q&A;

Listen to the debates during Parliament sitting; and Group photo opportunity.

‘Parliament Bus is our community connections flagship. This project is a travelling roadshow that visits communities across Fiji to inform them about parliament. Its message is: ‘Parliament Bus is coming, get on board’. This will reinforce the theme of parliament reaching out to people. Complementing this project is a series of ‘Meet the Speaker’ visits to communities as well as a range of community consultation projects to allow the community to voice their views to Parliament.

Schools and communities that would like to be part of any ‘Parliament Bus’ programme or host a ‘Meet the Speaker’ programme arrange with Parliament through the contacts below:

Call: 3225640/381238, 9908954, 9907254 OR


You can learn more about the works of Parliament through the pages of this website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.