Public Gallery Guidelines

Welcome to the Parliament of the Republic of Fiji. Thank you for visiting us. Please be mindful of the following guidelines for access to the Public Gallery-

  1. Filming or photography from the public gallery is strictly prohibited.
  2. Mobile phones must be switched off or on silent mode.
  3. Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited.
  4. Interjections from the public gallery are disorderly and are not permitted.
  5. Persons seated in the public gallery must not communicate with or attempt to communicate with members in Chambers.
  6. Signs and props must not be taken into or displayed from the public gallery.
  7. It is not appropriate to read books or newspapers or to engage in audible conversation whilst in the public gallery.
  8. No leaning on or over the railings.
  9. All instructions of parliamentary staff and security staff must be adhered to.

Anyone who fails to adhere to these guidelines will be asked to leave the public gallery.

By Order of the Hon. Dr. Jiko Luveni, Speaker of Parliament