Calling for Written Submissions from the Public

Pursuant to Section 9(1) of the Parliamentary Remunerations Decree 2014 (‘Decree’) and Standing Order 129 of the Standing Orders of the Parliament of the Republic of Fiji, Parliament passed a resolution on Monday, 6th July, 2015 that a Special Committee (‘Committee’) be formed to review the remunerations of the President, Prime Minister, other Ministers and Assistant Ministers, the Leader of Opposition, the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and Members of Parliament for the Parliament of Fiji.

The current remuneration package is set out in the Schedule of the Decree, copies of which are available on the Parliament website under the heading “Parliament Business” by clicking on the link to “Acts”.

Pursuant to Section 10(2) of the Decree, the Committee invites interested persons or organisations wishing to express views on the review of remunerations of the specified Officers of State, by writing submissions addressed to:

The Chairman
Special Committee on Emoluments
PO Box 2352
Government Buildings

as soon as possible but no later than Friday 14th August 2015.

Invitations to appear before the Committee for oral presentations may be issued on the basis of written submissions received.  Written submissions made to the Committee are usually made public, however persons making submissions should seek the concurrence of the Committee before separately making them public.

For further information please contact the Committee Secretariat through email or telephone contact 3225680.