Skilled writers record all that is said in the Parliament. These written records are called Hansard and are available for anyone to read on this site.

NOTE: Some Hansard Reports are large files and it may take a few minutes to download.

Official Report of Proceedings (Hansard)

(1) An official report (known as Hansard) of the proceedings of Parliament and of Committees of the Whole Parliament must be prepared under the direction of the Secretary-General. The report must be as nearly as possible verbatim. Questions and answers, whether oral or written, must be included in the report. Supplementary oral questions and answers, other than supplementary oral questions that the Speaker has disallowed, must also be included in the report.

(2) The report must be published, and a copy of it sent to each member as soon as practicable. However, before publishing the report, a copy of any part of it that contains a speech by a member must be sent to that member for correction of any grammatical or other minor technical error. No corrections that alter the meaning, emphasis, or substance of the member’s speech may be made. If a corrected copy is not received from a member within seven days of its despatch to the member, the speech may be published without any corrections from the member.

(3) If a member disputes the accuracy of a copy of a report containing a speech of the member, the Speaker must rule on the matter and his or her decision is final.

(4) The Secretary-General must not issue uncorrected copies of the Hansard to the public.

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