More youth MPs needed in Parliament

The representation of more youths in Parliament is crucial because it will allow the voices of those in formative years to be heard effectively at the national and international levels.

This was the view of a group of youths from Nabouva in Wainibuka, Tailevu following the “Parliament Bus” outreach programme conducted in the village on Monday afternoon.

Youth Isimeli Ratu said while they appreciated the initiatives rendered towards youth development in the country, more still can be done.

“A lot of youth groups in Fiji play an active role in the development of their villages, communities and settlements and it’s only proper that they are well-represented in Parliament because we are the future leaders,” Mr Ratu said.

“Most of us don’t really know the channel of communications to tap on to make our voices heard and we believe, having some youth Parliamentarians, can be good morale-boosters.”

“At least, we will be motivated to do useful things in life and turn away from things like criminal activities.”

Another youth,  Lepani Basudra said it was high time that more youths participated in the General Election as candidates.

“Youths becoming Members of Parliament is a good idea because we are vibrant, innovative and young. We come up with fresh and valuable ideas which can assist in the further development of our country,” he said.

Meanwhile, the outreach team also visited Naiyala High School yesterday to educate the students and teachers, for the first time, about the roles and functions of Parliament, its work and how Fijians can engage with the institution, to name a few.

School Head Boy, Joeli Tikoi said the programme has enabled them to understand fully well the existence of Parliament, adding they are all thankful for the wonderful educational programme.

Head of Social Science Department, Mrs Miriam Nand said the programme has equipped the students well with the much-needed knowledge about Parliament which would help them in their external exams.