Voter Registration in Parliament

Ninety officers within Parliament and around Government Buildings took advantage of the mobile voter registration conducted at Parliament building this morning by the Fijian Elections Office (FEO).

Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni was the first to have her voter identification card replaced and details checked by the team.

“I am thankful to the Fijian Elections office for bringing the voter registration exercise to Parliament.

“I urge other Government Departments and business houses to take advantage of this exercise,” Hon. Dr Luveni said.

As officers do not always have the time to visit the Elections office to check their details, bringing these services to our doorstep was such a great relief to many of the secretariat staff.

Secretary-General to Parliament Mrs. Viniana Namosimalua said it was a most welcome gesture and a relief to bring these services to our doorsteps.

“One does not have to travel a long way to be registered as everything is done within the confines of the workplace.   I am very happy that staff, Members of Parliament and others who were in the vicinity, used this opportunity to register, renew cards and check on their details and basically make very good use of the services offered by the Elections Office and we really do thank them for that.”

“I think we should all be encouraging one another to register when services like these are readily available and if we really love our country we will want to be part of this process, the end point of which is we get to have a say in who we want to look after us,” Mrs. Namosimalua added.

Three stations were set up in the Parliament’s Big Committee Room – one was for registration and issuance of upgraded VoterCard 2.0, another for verifying voter details in the National Register of Voters and the third for awareness material and to facilitate queries from the voters.

The Nationwide Voter Registration Drive ends on Saturday, 1st July 2017.