We have a voice – Tailevu students

“Today was a very good learning experience for all the kids, not only those that take Social Science but also those that take Science and those who know that they’re part of this country. This programme has instilled into them that their voices too can be heard in Parliament,” said Social Science Teacher, Flora Luvuwaqa.

Ms Luvuwaqa said the presentation was beyond description.

“The most interesting part for me was seeing the videos where the Speakers had to be dragged and to be seated where they’re supposed to sit.  It was really fascinating because it comes from history where speakers were beheaded and now we’re celebrating it.”

“Another interesting bit was the set up in Parliament,  how many seats in Parliament, who’s the Head of State, the different arms of the State and other important information which I am sure, the students have learnt a lot about,” Ms Luvuwaqa said.

The word “Parliament” is undoubtedly a broad term which a lot of people have little knowledge about, particularly, its roles and functions.

Year 12 student, Pita Waqavou of St Vincent College in Tailevu said this following the “Parliament Bus” programme in the school on Wednesday afternoon.

And thankfully to the Parliament outreach team, Pita now understands fully well the workings of Parliament and have familiarised himself with the Members and also have a better idea of how to engage with the prestigious organisation to name a few.

“Parliament is a broad term, but now I know the different divisions it has, what it does daily and most importantly, its role in making laws for our country and representing the views of all Fijians,” he said.

“As a student in a rural school, I am thankful to the team for bringing Parliament down to our level.”

Fellow colleagues, Vitinia Korolevu and Kerela Waqavou also joined in the chorus and shared that the programme was very interesting and educational.

They both echoed that they also understood fully well the role of the Speaker and the different Standing Committees and also the Members of Parliament.

Meanwhile, the team also visited Nasinu Muslim College where they educated about 500 students and their teachers about the roles and functions of Parliament, among other important information.