Viria and gusuisavu villagers learn about parliament

Villagers of Viria in Naitasiri packed their makeshift shed as they await the arrival of the Speaker, Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni for her ‘Meet the Speaker’ programme yesterday, Wednesday 19th April 2017.

According to the Vunivalu, Ratu Orisi Basituka Ramumu, this was the first time a Parliament Speaker, and most importantly, a first woman Speaker to visit their village and enlighten them about the works of Parliament.

“This is the first Speaker to think about the villages in Naitasiri. We are so grateful that she took time to visit our village and explain about her role and that of Parliament.”

“Now when we watch television, we better understand the works of Parliament and how parliamentarians act during Parliament sitting.”

“We only hope that she gets re-elected as Speaker so that she can visit our village again in future,” Ratu Orisi said.

41-year old Joana Railigi said she was grateful to hear about Parliament from the Speaker as she usually watch Parliament proceedings on television.

“I now better understand how things happen in Parliament and I’m so thankful to hear it from none other than the Speaker herself,” Mrs Railigi said.

The ‘Parliament Bus’ team later visited Gusuisavu village and presented to the villagers about the roles and functions, works of Parliament and how they can engage with Parliament.

Village headman Naima Tanau said at first, they thought the visit was a political one. But after the presentation, they clearly understand the difference between the roles of Parliament, Government and the Judiciary.

“We encourage other villages in Naitasiri to get hold of this opportunity as it will help us better understand the role of Parliament and how we can engage with them, especially before the elections in 2018,” Mr Tanau said.

The team will continue with the Parliament Bus programme at Nacokaika village today, Thursday 20th April 2017.