Villagers in Levuka learn about Parliament

A week-long ‘Meet the Speaker’ and ‘Parliament Bus’ programmes began today for the province of Lomaiviti, beginning on the island of Ovalau.

Villagers of Tokou, Draiba, Naikorokoro and Natokalau converged at the Tokou village hall to listen to the Speaker Hon Dr Jiko Luveni for her first-ever Meet the Speaker programme on the island.

85-year Elena Baleiyanuca was grateful to be present to hear from the Speaker herself.

“I’m so grateful to get to see the Speaker in person and also hear from her. I encouraged young people to turn up in numbers to hear about the programme.”

Village headman Seremaia Rokotuitai was thankful that the village hall was filled with a lot of people.

“Everyone came with a lot of expectations and we are happy that we learnt a lot of new things today and our queries were also answered.”

The Speaker explained clearly about her role as Speaker and the role of Parliament.

She also took time to respond to queries and explained how the villagers can connect with Parliament.

Later in the day, the Speaker also visited Lovoni, Nasaumatua, Vunivisavu villages. In the evening, the team will be at Levuka Village hall for the villages of Vagadaci and Waitovu.

Tomorrow, the team will begin visiting secondary schools beginning at Saint Johns College, Levuka Public School, then villages of Vatukalo, Toki, Vuma and Nauouo in the evening.

On Wednesday, the Parliament Bus programme will visit Gau Secondary School, Nawaikama and Sawaieke villages in the evening.

On Thursday, the team will continue in Levuka at Delana Secondary School and Naiviteitei, Nasaga, Tai and Navuloa villages in the evening.

On Friday, the team will travel to Moturiki to cover all the villages on the island namely Savuna, Nasesara, Navuti, Nasauvuki, Naicabecabe, Yanuca, Daku, Uluibau, Niubasaga and Wawa.

The team returns to Suva on Saturday, 1st September 2017.