Tailevu North College feel ‘special’ – Namositava

Two connotations echoed during the ‘Meet the Speaker’ Parliament outreach programme yesterday at Tailevu North College brought smiles to the Speaker, Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni.

While delivering the vote of thanks, Vice Principal Mr Vereniki Namositava expressed his school’s appreciation to the Speaker for choosing February 14 to visit their school.

“We believe that Tailevu North College holds a special place in your heart Honourable Speaker because you chose to visit our school, none other than on 14th February, St Valentine’s Day.”

“Your presence has made a great impact on the lives of our students and your life history will be a great challenge, in particular to our female students.”

“Also Madam, Fiji is being warned of Tropical Cyclone Gita. Here at Tailevu North College, we have been captivated by another cyclone, I believe it is one that will challenge our students to rise to the occasion for this year so that our academic performance, which has been ailing in the past year would rise again to the place where it was,” Mr Namositava added.

At the end of her presentation, the Speaker was asked a few questions from students and one was on the qualification needed in order for a person to become the Speaker of Parliament.

Speaker also took time to encourage female students to take up leadership positions and challenges which will will develop them.

“We women can aspire to become leaders, take up jobs that usually considered as men’s domain. Take up challenges, it makes life interesting,” Speaker added.

Year 12 Anaseini Nacuke said the programme was really encouraging and motivated her to continue to work hard and move forward.

“As female students, the Speaker has encouraged us to work hard and seeing that she is the first female Speaker, nothing is impossible, even to be the first female President,” Nacuke said added.

For Head Girl Speaker Railala Osborne, the programme yesterday helped to increase her knowledge about Parliament.

“I thank the Speaker for her inspirational speech as it helped us to know more about Parliament and it is also a great opportunity for students here to meet the Speaker of Parliament.”

The school roll at Tailevu North College stands at 717 with 39 teachers, who all converged at the school hall to listen to the Speaker.

Early this week, the Speaker was at Pt Shreedar Maharaj College and Noco Secondary School in Rewa for similar programme.