Study hard, aim high – Speaker

Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni has urged students of Jai Narayan College to do well in their studies and aim high in their academic paths to become successful in future.

Hon.Dr Luveni told the students who visited Parliament yesterday that their studies were important as it would determine their careers.

“Don’t restrict yourselves. Be adventurous. Keep an open mind and make it your businesses to study hard,” she said.

“Always have the initiative to learn new things every day and don’t dwell too much on watching movies.

“Instead, spend time watching local and international news and current affairs and other important things. This will help you understand better the issues happening around us.”

Hon. Dr Luveni also re-emphasised the need for female students to prove themselves in their everyday lives.

“Girls, you can be as good as your male colleagues. Don’t let gender-inequality limit your potentials,” she said.

“Be knowledgeable and have a healthy competition against your male colleagues, especially in your academic results.”

Meanwhile, the students were all grateful to have embraced the Speaker face-to-face in Parliament.