Speaker Visits Cuvu College

Cuvu College students counted themselves lucky yesterday after hosting the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni for the ‘Meet the Speaker’ programme. It was the first time for many students to see the Speaker in person apart from seeing her pictures on newspapers and television.

The Meet the Speaker programme enabled the Speaker to travel to schools and rural communities to enlighten them on her role as the Speaker, the roles and functions of Parliament, the works of Parliament and how Fijians can be involved.

Deputy Head Boy William Bennion said her presentation was educational, giving an insight into the works of Parliament.

“Speaker’s presentation was interesting as it included the history of Parliament, the works of Parliament and the mechanisms of how laws are formed.”

“After her presentation, I’m sure our teachers will organise a visit to Parliament to better understand what we have learnt,” Bennion said.

School Vice-Principal Mr Ajay Singh said the programme was very educational and relevant.

“Our Year 10 students were quite fortunate to listen to the Speaker and learn about Parliament as it is in their curriculum.”

“I would encourage other schools to get hold of this programme as it will assist their students and teachers as well,” Mr Singh said.

The ‘Parliament Bus’ programme continued this week in Nadroga district, beginning at Kavanagasau College,
Sigatoka Andhra College and Nasikawa Vision College.

Yesterday, the team was at Sigatoka Methodist High School before the Meet the Speaker programme at Cuvu

Today, Wednesday 21st June 2017, the Parliament Bus team will cover St. Teresa of Lisieux College, Navosa
Central College and Sigatoka Valley High School.

Tomorrow, Thursday 22nd June 2017, the Speaker will join the ‘Parliament Bus’ (made up of staff of
Parliament) team again at Nadroga Arya College before the team travels inland to Thomas Baker Memorial
School and Nanoko Village, Navatusila on Friday afternoon.