Speaker reminds Parliament secretariat to remain neutral

Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni has urged the Parliament staff to remain apolitical as Fiji moves closer towards this year’s General Elections.

While she sincerely thanked the staff for the job well done so far, Hon. Dr Luveni reminded them this afternoon during the first Secretary-General’s Hour (SG’s Hour) for 2018 to maintain strict neutrality in their work.

“Whatever tasks you are engaged in everyday, from the small tasks to the big ones or whether you are outside of Parliament for work or other purposes, always keep in mind the people and the institution you work for,” she said.

“It is important for us to be constantly reminded that this is no ordinary organisation, this is the Parliament-the highest office of the land and you are here to serve the apex leaders of this country.”

“Working in Parliament comes with its unique set of standard of service, etiquette, respect and commitment.”

“With Fiji moving closer to the elections, this is an opportune time for you as a department and as individual staff to take stock of the past four years and see what you can do to make things better or what new initiatives to be undertaken to take things to a higher level.”

In thanking the staff further, Hon. Dr Luveni said she was proud of their sheer efforts in making Parliament fulfil its constitutional mandates.

“Thank you for getting the sittings prepared, assisting MPs with information and giving them all the necessary professional support they need, getting committees to run their businesses, ensuring our many international guests are well-served, helping Parliament reach out to Fijians and getting those little seemingly mundane tasks done.”

Meanwhile, Secretary-General to Parliament Mrs Viniana Namosimalua echoed similar sentiments and said it was crucial for staff to maintain professionalism, remain apolitical and be honest in their everyday job as well as outside of Parliament.