Speaker First For Naluwai Village

Seventy-five elders of Naluwai village converged at the village hall yesterday to welcome and listen to Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni for the first ‘Meet the Speaker’ programme for 2017.

For most of them, this was the first time that they have witnessed a Speaker of Parliament to visit their village.

Village headman Kaminieli Nainimadrou was grateful that Parliament was brought down to his village.

“On behalf of the villagers of Naluwai, I wish to thank the Speaker and the team from Parliament to be able to come down to the grassroots and explain her role and that of Parliament.”

“We only watch the sessions on television and do not understand how certain things happen inside Parliament. But today, after her explanation and watching some videos, we better understand how Parliament works,” Mr Nainimadrou said.

47-year Atelaite Waiwai said she was very happy to see Honourable Speaker in person and also to hear information about Parliament.

“Previously, I only see the Speaker in the media and I’m so thankful to be able to see her in person and hear her explain about her role.”

“The programme has enabled us to be enlightened on the works of Parliament and how the Members of Parliament act in a certain way when Parliament is sitting,” Mrs Waiwai said.

The Speaker explained that the villagers can raise their concerns through any Member of Parliament and also through the Standing Committees.

The villagers also took time to view the Parliament Discovery Centre on display inside the village hall.