Speaker educates students about Parliament

Students of Sila Central High School in Nausori were glad to listen to the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni yesterday when she presented to them on the roles and functions of Parliament.

The Speaker visited the school as part of the “Meet the Speaker” programme – a community engagement initiative of Parliament.

In her presentation, she informed the students that it was important to know the difference between Parliament, Executive and the Judiciary as these were the three arms of the State.

“Parliament makes laws, the Executive enforces them and the Judiciary interprets them,” Hon. Dr Luveni said.

“It’s important to know the various roles of these arms because they have different functions.”

The Speaker also informed the students that she uses the Standing Orders and the 2013 Constitution to guide her when making decisions in Parliament.

Meanwhile, Hon. Dr Luveni congratulated the Principal Asenaca Babitu and her Vice-Principal Akeneta Sova for their leadership in the school, labelling their roles as very “empowering” given that they are women.

“I must congratulate the Principal and her Vice-Principal for they are the classic example of what women can do or become.”

Parliament continues to reach out and educate the public through its ‘Parliament Bus’ and ‘Meet the Speaker’ outreach programmes.