SGP reminds prefects of Baulevu High and Koroqaqa Primary Schools the importance of their roles

The Secretary-General to the Fijian Parliament, Mrs Jeanette Emberson has reminded the newly inducted prefects of Baulevu High School and Koroqaqa Primary School, the importance of their roles and responsibilities.

While officiating as Chief Guest at the induction ceremony, Mrs Emberson said that the school community has invested a great deal of trust in them and they need to lead by example.

“I wish to remind you that the School, the Principal, the Teachers, and your fellow students have invested a great deal of trust and responsibilities in you.”

“As leaders, prefects are there to serve. Good prefects lead by setting examples to their fellow students. And I must stress this. It is not an easy task to lead,” she said.

“Remember that there is a lot of trust being invested in prefects. The school expects that this investment will give good results for the School in terms of the effective and efficient day-to-day functions of the School.”

Mrs Emberson also emphasised that their roles now will also groom them to be future leaders.

“So, what is happening today is not just the School giving the new prefects their official titles or special roles as prefects – the whole School is in fact investing in you as leaders not just for this School year but also grooming you for the future as leaders in your communities,” said Mrs Emberson.

As Secretary-General to Parliament, Mrs Emberson related to her daily official leadership roles and duties in Parliament to remind the prefects of their responsibilities.

“The position of Secretary-General to Parliament comes with a lot of responsibilities. Just like a prefect I have to maintain integrity, have confidence to do the work, be a good listener, a good communicator, be honest and be accountable to others. I have to set examples to my staff and show them that irrespective of where we sit on the ladder, we are all there to serve Parliament and the Fijian people,” said Mrs Emberson.

She further advised the student prefects that the badge is not a symbol of power or a show of force but a symbol of great responsibility, good leadership, and dedication.

“As a prefect, you act as a bridge between the Teachers and students. You are there to assist your Teachers to maintain a quality class, maintain vigilance, provide some guidance to students and very importantly be good role models to your peers,” said Mrs Emberson.

She congratulated and wished the newly inducted prefects well in their new appointed roles.

“Never forget your parents, guardians and friends who have helped nurture you and have supported you to get to where you are today. Be good and be humble leaders, and I wish you well,” Mrs Emberson added.