School Break – An opportunity to visit Parliament

School holidays is usually a time where students and teachers spend quality time at home with loved ones, doing house chores and other activities.

Instead, a group of 27 students and three teachers under the English Access Micro-scholarship Programme, planned a visit to Parliament, which according to the group, was worthwhile and eye-opening. It was an opportunity to learn about the roles and functions of Parliament and to visit the Parliament Chamber.

For Vasenai Muriwaqa, Year 9 of Gospel High School, the visit to Parliament today was a great experience for her as Parliament is covered in the Social Science syllabi.

“The visit today is part of my academic studies as I learnt about Parliament in school.

“And for those that wish to pursue their dream to become a Member of Parliament, it is a very good opportunity to visit Parliament and learn more about it,” Vasenai said.

Head instructor for the English Programme Ruci Tukana said the visit to Parliament was part of their enhancement and intensive programme in learning more about Fiji.

“In the next two weeks, these students will be learning more about the history of Fiji and Parliament is also part of it.”

She thanked the Parliament staff for being helpful in explaining in details about the roles and function of Parliament during the presentation.

Ms Tukana also acknowledged the Opposition Whip, Hon. Lynda Tabuya for assistance in supporting the group.

The group then visited the Parliament chamber and were also given educational materials about Parliament.

The English Access Micro-scholarship programme is part of Vision Fiji, an NGO run by a small group of passionate volunteers concerned with the welfare of children and their future development as caring and responsible citizens of Fiji.

This year, they are funded by the Embassy of the United States of America, where selected students from an underprivileged background are taught English in fun and non-traditional ways.

Part of the programme is to participate in community projects, skill-based activities and visits places of interest in Fiji.