Sabeto District School visits Parliament

Forty-nine students of Sabeto District School in Nadi were on cloud nine when they visited Parliament for the first time yesterday, Friday 4th November 2016.

For them, it’s a dream come true and one that they will always treasure.

The educational tour of Parliament is part of their school curriculum as it is something they learnt in their Social Science class.

Tour coordinator Mr Nitendra Kumar said their trip to the capital city was also made possible through the collective fundraising activities of the teachers, parents and some sponsors.

“The students are ecstatic to be here as this is all their first visit to Parliament, even for us teachers,” he said.

“We wanted to bring them down here so they can come and see what Parliament looks like and also learn about how it operates.”

“From this visit, students had the opportunity to witness the actual representation of Parliament sitting, the history and also its roles and functions.”

The students were accompanied by three teachers and 14 parents.

School Assistant Head Teacher Mr Josefa Kanavidividi echoed similar sentiments, saying it was a privilege to have been given the opportunity to visit Parliament.

“We are so thankful to the Speaker and her staff for granting us this opportunity.”

“Indeed, the students have learned so many new things and we hope that they will share whatever they learned to their peers back in school and also to their family members.”