Rural Women Happy For Speaker

Women are always looked down upon, we are only seen in the kitchen and doing trivial work. But we are so happy that one of our own is the Speaker of Parliament.

61-year old Mrs Torika Rokotunisau of Lutu Village in Wainibuka, Naitasiri made this comment after the Meet the Speaker programme that was held in her village today, Tuesday 2nd May 2017.

“For us women, we never dreamt that one of our own will reach such high office. We are so happy for Hon. Dr Luveni to be the Speaker of Parliament and being a leader in our in Parliament.”

“This programme is new to us, to have the Speaker come dow\n to our village. We only see her on television but to see her in real person brings so much joy to the villagers, especially women,” Mrs Rokotunisau said.

Village headman Mr Tevita Raisuqe was thankful for his village to be chosen as the venue for the Meet the Speaker programme.

“This programme has enabled us to hear from the Speaker on why and how she controls the debate in Parliament.”

“Our children were also fortunate to hear the presentation today about the Speaker and the role and works of Parliament.”

Students from Class 6 to Year 12 were also present at the village hall to listen to the presentation and receive leaflets about Parliament.

Meet the Speaker programme enabled the Speaker to explain her role, the role and works of Parliament, how decisions are made and how villagers can engage with Parliament.

The team continues with the Parliament Bus programme at Vuisiga Village this afternoon.

Tomorrow, the team will be at Nabena and Matailobau villages and Deladamanu and Naganivatu villages on Thursday, 4th May 2017.