RFMF course participants learn more about Parliament

Participants of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) 1/18 course visited Parliament today in their quest to learn more about parliamentary process. They were also fortunate to witness the Parliament proceedings today.

As part of their course which targets potential Warrant Officers who have the ability to be RSMs in years to come, these men and women ought to have a basic understanding about the political and social landscape of Fiji.

This includes understanding the 2013 Constitution and the role of the RFMF; understanding the system of governance in Fiji; the parliamentary process and Fiji’s electoral system.

According to the course Team Leader Warrant Officer Class One Silivenusi Vutikalulu, the participants enjoyed their session as they needed to have a fair understanding of how Parliament worked and how the Government was being run.

“Visiting Parliament today is a good experience for the participants, especially at their level, as they are the advisers to their Commander.”

“They must have a fair understanding of how Government runs and the day to day business of Government,” WO1 Vutikalulu said.

The participants were given a brief presentation on the Parliamentary processes before sitting in the chamber to witness the proceedings throughout the day.