Penang students encouraged by the Speaker

Penang Sangam High School’s headgirl Priyashna Singh was encouraged to see and hear from the first woman Speaker present at her school this morning, Wednesday 27th July 2017.

With the school roll of 709 students of which 416 are female, the Speaker’s visit to their school has made an impact on the lives of these young women.

“Speaker’s visit today has encouraged us to study hard as we believe that nothing is impossible for us women.”

“The programme was very enlightening and educational as it is the first time for us to hear clearly about the role of the Speaker,” Priyashna said.

Similar sentiments were shared by Year 9 student Shruti Parmar.

“It was a privilege for me to hear from the Speaker of Parliament. It is completely different to watch her on TV and to hear her today.”

“I have learnt a lot from her presentation and a lot of how things operate in Parliament,” Shruti said.

School Principal Mr Ravi Chand said the school was honoured to be visited by the Speaker of Parliament.

“In the past, the students usually read about Parliament in the textbooks. Nowadays, they are fortunate to be visited by the Speaker”

“The programme is enlightening and informative for students and teachers as well,” Mr Chand said.

Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni was at the school for the Meet the Speaker programme. She was also at Navuavua and Navutulevu villages for the same programme last night.

Tonight, the Speaker will be at Rewasa village and Saint Francis College tomorrow morning.