Peace-building crucial – Speaker

Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni has stressed the need for Parliamentarians to seriously look into heightening peace-building processes for the welfare and prosperity of people in the world-over.

While speaking at the International Leadership Conference in Seoul, South Korea early this week, Hon. Dr Luveni said there was a need for global action in this regard.

The Universal Peace Federation-sponsored conference was attended by members of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace across the globe.

“Our roles as Parliamentarians should not only be limited to the representation of our citizen’s views in the law making process of parliament and oversight role but rather, we must now think about issues that affect humanity to bring about peace and well-being of people worldwide,” she said.

“As political leaders, we Parliamentarians hold positions of power in our various nations and as such, we must practise spiritual principles and moral roles which are based on the existence of God, our Creator. This will ensure that there is good governance where people know that we care for them and to live in peace and harmony.”

“As elected representatives, it is through us that the voices of the people we represent are heard in government. We must engage with our people and make leaders at all levels of society work towards building peaceful communities.”

Hon. Dr Luveni has also called on religious leaders to play an active role in fostering peace at all levels.

“Religious leaders, due to your standing in communities and broader societies, when you preach to the multitudes, your voices have a powerful impact in societies where you serve and even beyond,” she added.

Meanwhile, the theme of the workshop is: Addressing the Critical Challenges of our Time: The Responsibility of Religious Leaders and Parliamentarians”.