Parliament’s revamped website and mobile app launched

The revamped Fijian Parliament website and the new mobile application were launched today by the Speaker of Parliament Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni.

She highlighted that these are the major enabling tools that Parliament has developed to enable greater openness, accessibility and accountability, as well as being the key channel for communication with citizens.

“Many of you know that I am passionate about opening up Parliament. At any opportunity, I am always trying to find ways to create the enabling environment and opportunities for Fiji citizens to understand this institution, how it works and how they can engage in the work of Parliament,” Hon. Dr Luveni said.

Key features of the website and the mobile application includes an improved document management system, digital archive of all parliamentary documents, provide feedback to parliament directly and provide timely information to the public including the members of Parliament.

UNDP Pacific Office Country Director and Head of Pacific Regional Policy and Programme, Mr Bakhodir Burkhanov said he hoped that the website and the mobile App will become one of the primary channels for Parliament to communicate, share information and engage with the Fijian people.

“Unlike 10 to 15 years ago, for a citizen to witness a sitting of parliament, they would need to be physically seated in the public gallery of Parliament. With the launch of these tools, information about Parliament is just a click away – the Fijian people can watch parliament live from any location in Fiji and around the world with a click of the button.”

Australian High Commission Counsellor, Fiji and Tuvalu, Ms Christina Munzer noted that one of the things that characterises a strong and effective Parliament is its ability to engage effectively with its citizens in an open and transparent manner.

“Meet the Speaker and Parliament Bus programmes, as well as the ever-popular Speaker’s Debates and the recently developed parliament materials – all of these initiatives are important to help the Fijian public to understand and connect with its Parliament.”

“Now, through the launch of this redesigned website and the newly developed mobile application, the citizens of Fiji have another avenue to learn more about the important work of their Parliament.”

The development of these tools was made possible with the support of UNDP Fiji Parliament Support Project and its donors during the first phase of the project – the European Union and the Governments of New Zealand, Japan and Australia.