Parliament visit motivates students to study hard in school

It might be a rare visit to the Parliament of Fiji but it certainly is one that will go down in their history books after visiting the prestigious institution for the first time this morning.

These are the sentiments shared by the students of the Suva Adventist College, commenting that they have all been motivated to take their studies seriously and do well in school for their future benefits.

For Year-11 student, Loraini Matakibau, the educational visit was something they were privileged to be a part of because it was among other important information that they needed to know to help them in future.

She said learning more about Parliament was an eye-opener as most of them were unaware of the roles and responsibilities of Parliament.

“Now that we have been educated about it, we are so thankful to have learnt about Parliament at this very young age,” she said.

“Most of our peers don’t have the luxury to learn about Parliament but we are so privileged to be here. This visit has motivated us to study hard in school and become successful people in life.”

Another student Mere Vosatawa echoed similar sentiments, saying that most of them have been encouraged by what they saw and learnt in Parliament.

“It would be great to see some of our colleagues become Members of Parliament in the future and coming here today is really a good initiative,” she said.

“It’s important that we learn about the works of Parliament at this stage and become a part of it as this is our Parliament.”

School Principal Pastor Josaia Navakalomana thanked the Parliament staff for allowing the students to visit the institution.

Mr Navakalomana added the students have really learnt a lot from the day’s visit.