Parliament team reaches Rabi and Kioa islands

Students and teachers of Buakonikai Primary School, the farthest school on the island of Rabi, considered themselves privileged to be visited by the Civic Education Team of Parliament early this week.

According to the Head Teacher, Mrs Alita Tawita, it was a great opportunity for them to hear first-hand information about Parliament and it was indeed an eye-opening session.

“It is a great opportunity to have the team from Parliament visit our school and inform us about what goes on in Parliament. For many students and teachers, learning about Parliament is indeed an eye-opener,” Mrs Tawita said.

The team also visited Rabi High School, Tabiang Primary School and Banaban Primary School.

Rabi High School Year 13 student, Joji Cama, said that it was a wonderful opportunity to learn about Parliament as it has inspired him to become a Member of Parliament in the future.

The Assistant Principal of Rabi High School, Ms Sereana Sau stated that the programme brought by the team was very educational and beneficial to their students, especially to the Social Science and History students since they learn about the mechanisms of how the Parliament of Fiji works.

She reiterated that due to their geographical location and the challenges they face, they are not able to take educational tours to Suva. So bringing Parliament to their school is a golden opportunity and they hope that this awareness continues for the benefit of their students.

The team was accompanied by the Deputy Secretary-General, Mrs Jeanette Emberson who assisted in the translation of the presentation in the Rabi dialect.

On the island of Kioa, the students of Kioa Island Primary school as well as the members of the community gathered in the village hall to listen to the presentation.

The team also visited Napuka Secondary School, Vaturova Koroalau High School and concluded their outreach at Nasavusavu Secondary School.