Parliament programmes beneficial for Sabeto College

Being the only secondary school in the Sabeto area, Principal of Sabeto College Mrs Shelly Imran was thankful that her school was considered for the Parliament Bus programme.

And more importantly, the school was still overjoyed that their orator, a Year 10 student, Priyanka Anjani Pillay, won the oratory contest that was held yesterday to mark the Commonwealth Day.

“Fourteen other secondary schools took part in the oratory contest. My orator was the youngest, a Year 10 student, and the last to speak.”

“Other Principals were asking me about our orator but I replied that I’ve kept the best for the last. And I’m so overwhelmed that Priyanka proved my statement correct.”

“Thank you very much for organizing such a contest whereby our students are exposed to the works of Parliament, empowered and since they are the future leaders, I feel that Priyanka, in the years to come, will be a very good Parliamentarian,” Mrs Imran said.

As for the Parliament Bus programme, Mrs Imran was thankful that Parliament was brought closer to the students.

“The programme was very enriching and enlightening and the students were happy and excited to be associated with this programme.”

“I wholeheartedly thank the Parliament for considering our school to carry out this programme,” Mrs Imran said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by the head boy of Mulomulo Secondary School, Krishaal Minal Chand.

“The Parliament Bus programme was beneficial to the school as it helps us understand how Parliament works and the roles and function about the Parliament.”

“In future, if we want to become a Member of Parliament, we now have a fair idea about how Parliament works,” Chand said.

The Parliament Bus programme will visit Narewa village later this evening before travelling next week to the Northern Division for schools and villages in the Cakaudrove district.