Parliament education reaches Rampur College for the first time

Like any other first-timer, students of Rampur College in Navua got the lifetime opportunity to embrace the Parliament education for the first time through the “Parliament Bus” programme this morning, Monday 19th February 2018.

The students could only convey their sincere appreciation to the facilitators for bringing Parliament down to their doorsteps.

Year 10 student, Riya Mishra said being part of the programme has really broadened her knowledge about the workings of the august House.

“It’s quite interesting, I have managed to learn a lot of new stuffs like the history of Parliament and the Mace,” she said.

“This is more exposure about Parliament and I really thank the team for coming down to our school.”

Her colleagues, Ronett Trail and Priya Chand also shared similar views and echoed that the programme was very educational.

The duo said that they have both been enlightened further about the roles and functions of Parliament, how Members of Parliament are elected and what actually happens in the House during sittings, to name a few.

Head of Social Science Department, Mrs Karisham Ram said the programme was timely as students were presently learning about the proceedings of Parliament and the electoral processes, among other things.

“Following this programme, the students now actually knows what happens in Parliament and we are thankful for this,” she said.

“The programme is very interesting and this will definitely help the students with their studies.”