Parliament education is for every Fijian

No one is left behind through this Parliament education initiative and such a move is commendable.

These were the sentiments shared by the Social Science head of department for Balata College in Tavua Mr Sanil Prasad following the “Parliament Bus” programme in the school yesterday.

Mr Prasad said the exposure of students to such education would certainly help them to understand better the workings of our Parliament, especially the law-making processes.

“This is really a good learning opportunity for our students. Most of them don’t have any idea about what all happens in Parliament but today, they have been well-informed,” he said.

“We must commend the team members for such a lively and informative presentation about the roles and functions of Parliament and other important information they have imparted to us.

“For a semi-rural school like ours, we hardly grace important speakers and for us to welcome the Parliament outreach team is indeed a privilege.

“They have certainly brought Parliament down to our level and for that, we thank the Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni and the Secretary-General Mrs Viniana Namosimalua for allowing the team to travel all the way to Tavua for the purpose of educating our students as well as us teachers about Parliament.”

Year 12 student Ria Sharma, also thanked the team on behalf of the students, saying most of them would take Parliament education home to their families so they may also be enlightened about the workings of the august house.

Meanwhile, the programme was in conjunction with the school’s Social Science week.