Parliament education important – Nasoqo youths

The youths of Nasoqo Village in the highlands of Naitasiri have voiced the need for their peers to fully equip themselves with the right knowledge about Parliament procedures.

During the ‘Parliament Bus Programme’ held in the village on Tuesday 6th February 2018, village youth leader Waqa Navukula, who spoke on behalf of the youths, said Parliament education was necessary.

“Most of us here don’t really know the roles and functions of Parliament but after this programme, we are enlightened. We are thankful that for the first time we are well informed about how Parliament works and how we can engage with the institution,” Mr Navukula said.

“Here in this village, the youths are taking the lead role in a lot of development projects and with this programme, we are now able to tap the right people for their assistance.”

“The programme has opened up an opportunity for us to make every effort to engage better with the Members of Parliament in terms of hearing our voices as we are the future leaders of tomorrow.”

“We also thank the outreach team for choosing our village for their programme.”

Meanwhile, Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni also visited Nasiriti Village in Naitasiri yesterday, as part of the “Meet the Speaker Programme”.

She shared to the villagers, in iTaukei language, her role as the Speaker and how she controls Parliament sittings, among other important things.

At the same time, Hon. Dr Luveni also highlighted that women representation in Parliament was something they continued to pursue.

The villagers were grateful to the Speaker for her presence in their village.