Parliament donates to the WOWS Kids Cancer Resource Centre

The Fijian Parliament secretariat has decided to focus our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives this year on Childrens Welfare, thus the first visit today to the WOWS Kids Foundation Headquarters in Rewa Street.

Upon the guidance from the WOWS Kids Foundation, staff gave freely towards this worthy cause and bought items that are in demand, knowing that this will ease the burden on the organization.

WOWs Team Leader Ms Mere Lutuciri Williams was grateful to the assistance from Parliament and hoped that other organisations will also follow.

“Our organisation is heavily reliant on the donation from the public. Whatever is given today will go a long way and this allows us to concentrate on other projects,” Ms Williams said.

“I hope that other organisations can also come on board to help our needy children, especially the ones in the rural areas.”

Ms Williams also took the time to share the early signs and symptoms of kids cancer and the importance for adults and care givers to know and seek early intervention from the hospital.

As for the Parliament Family, our main message was that we are blessed by God with good health and we would like to share the blessings with those that needs it.