Parliament committee works important

Committee works is very important as it is an avenue where rural dwellers can have their voices heard.

This was shared by 65-year old Samuela Qolikoro of Laucala Village along the Savusavu West Coast Road during the ‘Parliament Bus’ programme conducted in their village early this week.

“We agree that we hear radio announcements and read in the newspapers about the Committees visiting our area, but we do not understand how important their work is and the role we have to play with respect to their visit.”

“After this presentation, we now realise that it is important to gather our views in the village and take it to the Committee when they visit our area,” Mr Qolikoro said.

Before visiting Laucala Village, the ‘Parliament Bus’ programme was conducted in two secondary schools, namely Ratu Luke Memorial School in Wainunu, Bua and Uluivalili College in Savusavu West.

Ratu Luke Memorial School Year 13 student Meli Tavodi was impressed with the videos showing the dragging of the Speaker, and the Mace.

“The programme has helped me to learn about the functions and roles of Parliament, the parliamentary tradition of dragging of the Speaker and the significance of the Mace.”

“The pamphlets and booklets that were distributed are really helpful in understanding Parliament better,” Tavodi said.

Similar sentiments were shared by Shazreen Bi of Uluivalili College.

“I aspire to be a parliamentarian and the programme has helped me to better understand the roles and function of Parliament.”

Yesterday, the ‘Parliament Bus’ travelled to Saqani Secondary Schoool and visited Korotasere and Vanuavou villages in the afternoon.