Parliament celebrate IWD with a difference

Residence of the Chanel Home of Compassion were all smiles today after a team from Parliament, led by the Acting Secretary-General Mrs Viniana Namosimalua, visited them to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Mrs Namosimalua decided that Parliament staff ‘go out of the norm’ of listening to speeches and celebration in the office but to visit the less fortunate ones, as those that reside in the Home.

“On behalf of the Speaker of Parliament and the staff, we wish to thank you for all that you have contributed to society.”

“We pray that God will continue to strengthen you and the staff that look after you so that you can enjoy your stay in this institution,” Mrs Namosimalua said.

While thanking the team, Clinical Manager Elenoa Gonelevu expressed that Christ’s love was manifested by the kind gesture shown today.

“Today, the residence of the Home see Christ in person and the Parliament team has brought light.”

“We were all excited from the morning and the women wanted to wear scarf just to show your being here, together with the cake in a day to celebrate women, means so much to us.”

“If our hearts can sing, there will be beautiful music sung here as your team has brought tonnes of love and care,” Ms Gonelevu said.

Staff of Parliament took time to feed the senior citizens with cake and juice and spend quality time with them.