Our Parliament, important to understand

Adi Cakobau School students could only convey their sincere gratitude to the Parliament outreach team for educating them about the roles and functions of the institution and other important information also relevant to their studies.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Year 11 student Karalaini Vuniwaqa said learning about Parliament was an eye-opener.

“I didn’t know that the Speaker could actually tell one of the MPs to go out of the chamber if they don’t follow the Parliamentary rules, it’s really something new to understand,” she said.

“Apart from this, we were able to learn for the first time about the Parliament’s rule book- Standing Orders.

“Another important information is the role of the committees. It’s only important we know the workings of our Parliament because it belongs to us.”

Another student, Beverly Vai said understanding about how Parliament works should be mandatory for everyone.

“This is our Parliament and it’s important for us to understand it because whatever is being discussed by its Members surely affects us all,” she added.

“We thank the team for bringing Parliament down to us and we hope for more education programmes like this.”