‘No time for post-election procrastination’ – Speaker Ratu Epeli Nailatikau

The Speaker of the Fijian Parliament, His Excellency Hon. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has reminded staff that there is no time for post-election procrastination.

While opening the week-long Staff Refresher and Strategic Plan review workshop this morning, the Hon. Speaker emphasised that staff should deliver as soon as the election result is announced.

“As a team, I expect us to deliver as soon as the final results of the election is announced. There is no time for post-election procrastinations. We start from the word go!”

“From now until the new Parliament convenes, I do not expect anything less than high quality, effective and efficient level of services to the incoming Members of Parliament,” the Hon. Speaker said.

He highlighted the role of the Parliament secretariat in the progress and development of Fiji’s governance system.

“I remind us all that Parliament is a central player in Fiji’s governance system. As the secretariat, you are responsible for ensuring that Parliament’s role is effective and efficient and beneficial to the progress of governance and development in Fiji.”

Hon. Ratu Epeli also acknowledged the UNDP Fiji Parliament Support Project (‘FPSP’) and the generous assistance of the donor partners – the governments of Australia, Japan and New Zealand for their continuous support towards the Fijian Parliament.

“I wish to acknowledge the immense support provided by the UNDP under the FPSP Phase III towards this important annual endeavour of the Parliament.”

“UNDP FPSP has been a lifeline for Parliament and the secretariat in providing much needed assistance during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Hon. Speaker said.

Hon. Ratu Epeli thanked the Secretary-General to Parliament and her team for their hard work and dedication in keeping Parliament functioning as it should.

“I have been making numerous presentations at the IPU, CPA, APPF and other inter-Parliamentary forums showcasing the Fijian Parliament’s achievements and how we have been able to be resilient against calamities like COVID-19 through adaptation, innovation and change.”

“However, I never really touched upon the fact that behind all of this progress has been a team of dedicated and resilient staff. With the able leadership of the Secretary-General, you have all contributed greatly towards the Parliament’s achievements. Despite many difficulties such as the pandemic lockdowns, budgetary constraints, lack of space and so on, you have been able to provide the necessary optimal services to Parliament, Parliamentarians and other stakeholders.”

The Hon. Speaker is thankful to be part of the Strategic Plan review workshop as it provides him with a better perspective as Speaker of Parliament to understand how things work down the line and the chance to appreciate some of the challenges that the secretariat faces.