Namosi Schools Excited To Learn More About Parliament

Teachers and students of the only two secondary schools in the Namosi province were happy last week to be visited by the Parliament’s Civic Education and Media team for the ‘Parliament Bus’ programme.

According to Namosi Secondary School principal, Mrs Milika Boletawa, only 5% of their students have seen parliament and they were fortunate that parliament was brought to their doorstep.

“The Parliament Bus programme is enriching and will definitely benefit our students, especially our Social Science students. I was at Richmond Methodist High School in Kadavu when the team visited our school in 2015 and I was looking forward to their visit to Namosi,” Mrs Boletawa said.

Year 12 student, Buna Setefano said it was an informative programme and she learnt a lot of things.

“The programme was very informative. I really liked the way it was presented and I have learnt a lot of new things.”

Year 13 student Ita Saunivalu was motivated by the presentation and said that one day, she will visit Parliament.

Year 5 to 8 students and teachers of Namosi Catholic Primary School also visited the displays put up by the team and collected fact sheets and other parliament educational materials.

Wainimakutu Secondary School Principal, Mr Senitiki Malimali also echoed similar sentiments.

“I was excited and looking forward to this programme as it’s the first time for me to hear about parliament education. The programme was lively and very interesting.”

“From the answers by the students after the presentation, I can say they have understood what parliament is about. Now I am thinking of sending our students to visit parliament during the excursion trip at the end of this term,” Mr Malimali said.

At the end of the programme, the students and teachers were given fact sheets, viewed educational materials and Parliamentary items on display.

The objective of the Parliament Bus programme is to inform students and teachers about the roles and functions, works of Parliament and how they can engage with Parliament.