Lifeline short code launched by the Speaker of Parliament

“You are not alone, we are in this together. And we are here to help you”.

These were the comments by the Speaker of Parliament and Patron of Lifeline Fiji, Hon. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau during the launch of Lifeline Fiji National Crisis Toll Free Code, 1543.

“The Lifeline mission is ‘to support Fijians in times of crisis and equip individuals in communities to be resilient.’

“In the course of their work, Lifeline has responded to over 12000 calls alone and have assisted over 10000 Fijians through their psychological and emotional wellbeing programs as well as in their bereavement support which it always extends instantly, willingly and with compassion,” Hon. Ratu Epeli said.

He highlighted that now, losses have become younger with our youngest suicide in Fiji by a seven-year old in 2018.

“The nature of mental and emotional sufferings are unique and as such are hard to realize or detect because there are no physical markings or tell-tale signs to indicate that a person needs help.

”To anyone thinking they are suffering from mental health and has reached a crisis point where they find that they do not have anyone to reach out to or are quietly contemplating suicide, remember there is only 1 life. And ringing the number 1543 will save your life,” the Speaker added.

Lifeline Board Member Helen Williamson said that Lifeline Fiji is at the coalface of intervention to give new hope to those who feel so desperate.

“Nothing is more tragic than someone whose world has become so despairing, that they want to take their own life. If they succeed, they leave devastation in their families and loved ones left behind,” Ms Williamson added.

Today also marks World Suicide Prevention Day with the theme, “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”.