Lakeba students visit Parliament

Christmas has arrived early for about 80 students from three primary schools on Lakeba in the Lau Group after they visited Parliament for the first time yesterday, Thursday 24th November 2016.

Leaving their island home on the 18th of this month for a lifetime trip, the students had one thing on their minds and that was to reach the capital city and explore its adventures, including a visit to the Parliament House.

The long ferry ride and challenges were no barrier at all as the students anticipated a trip which now has been labelled “a memorable one”.

School teacher Inoke Covukimabula said the students were from Ratu Finau Primary School, Waciwaci and Uluiqalau District Schools, all on the island of Lakeba.

Mr Covukimabula said they had been planning for the trip since last year with fundraising drives being a daily activity for them to financially support the tour.

“The three schools had been planning for a trip to Viti Levu and we all decided to join forces since we are all from Lakeba,” he said.

“The visit preparation has been a challenging one given our locality but we wanted to bring our children to come and witness and learn new things. We are just so glad to be here.”

Mr Covukimabula said their visit to Parliament was certainly going to benefit the students with their studies.

“We arrived here on the 19th and so far, the students have learnt a lot. Apart from visiting Parliament, we also travelled to the West and other exciting places here in Suva,” he added.

“We are indeed thankful to the Parliament of Fiji for giving us this opportunity.

“The students will certainly take back with them a lot of good memories about this most respected organisation and also the many new things they have seen here in Suva.”

The students were accompanied by 18 teachers and 40 parents and they will return to Lakeba on December 2nd.