Labasa College students learn about Parliament

606 students and 45 teachers of Labasa College converged at the school hall this morning to listen to the ‘Parliament Bus’ programme, an outreach initiative of Parliament.

Social Science Head of Department Mr Mosese Lekenaua thanked the team for enlightening the students and teachers on the important information about Parliament and the roles played by Members of Parliament, including the Speaker.

“It was an informative session and we are grateful to the team that came today to enlighten everybody, not only the Social Science students, but all the students of Labasa College.

“We are the citizens of Fiji and now we are able to know of the things that are happening in Parliament and the significance of the items that are used in Parliament,” Mr Lekenaua said.

Year 13 student Amish Kohli said the programme was proved to be very useful as it helped him to understand the roles of Members of Parliament.

“The programme has inspired me to visit Parliament in future and observe how our local leaders carry out their duties in Parliament,” Amish said.

School Principal Mr Kamlesh Prasad was appreciative of the programme being brought to his school.

“Our school is lucky to be the first to be visited by the Parliament team and I’m sure the programme will help our students with their Social science and History classes,” Mr Prasad said.

The programme will continue at Labasa Sangam School later today and Vunivau village in the evening.

The outreach team will cover all the secondary schools in Labasa and nearby villages in the two-week period, ending on Friday 6th October 2017.