Know your MPs – Speaker

Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni urged villagers of Lami outside Suva to familiarise themselves well with the 50 Members of Parliament for they are the representatives of all Fijians in the august house.

Speaking to the villagers during the “Meet the Speaker” programme last night, Hon. Dr Luveni said the Fijian Parliament and its Members “are transparent and approachable as never before”.

“All the MPs are your voices in Parliament. You can see any of them regarding your individual or communal issues, for that matter. Know and familiarise yourselves with them,” she said.

“Parliament is also open to members of the public and you are most welcome to come and be part of the live sessions.”

The Speaker also highlighted the significance of her role and other important functions of Parliament.

“It’s also important that you take part in the work of the Standing Committees of Parliament. When Committee Members visit your local communities for bill consultations, participate in such discussions because this is one way of making your voices heard in the law-making processes of our country.”

In thanking the Speaker, village elder Pita Niubasaga said they were fortunate to have heard first-hand from Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni, something they regarded as a lifetime opportunity.

Mr Niubasaga added the operations of Parliament and the Speaker’s role had now been made clearer to them.

Villager Fanifau Nadakuitavuki also echoed similar comments and stated that they were delighted to be informed thoroughly about the MPs, among other things.

“We can’t thank the Speaker and her team enough for bringing Parliament down to our level. This is a new doorway for us to understand better how it operates and most importantly, how we can participating in its workings,” she said.