Know the Members of Parliament, urges Beqa Yanuca Sec School students

It’s crucial for every Fijian, especially youths to know our Members of Parliament (MPs) because they are our representatives to the August House.

This was the message from a group of students of Beqa Yanuca Secondary School on Beqa Island following the “Parliament Bus” programme yesterday.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Year 11 student Vasenai Baravilala said most of the young people nowadays do not know the MPs, let alone the Government Ministers.

“We are really delighted to have been enlightened today about all the important information about Parliament,” Vasenai said.

“Most of us only know a few MPs such as the Prime Minister but following this programme, we are able to familiarise ourselves with all of them. In fact, this is the first time for us to even see some of them on Factsheets made available to us.”

“It’s only proper that we know and engage ourselves with the MPs because they are our voice in Parliament. Their decisions in Parliament will have an impact on our future.”

“Apart from this, we have been further educated about the significance of the Mace, the roles and functions of the six standing committees, the compositions of Parliament and how we can engage with the institution, among other things.”

“We are really fortunate to have been visited by the outreach team and we thank them for choosing our school.”

Her colleague, Adi Mere Serevi said they hoped to visit Parliament some day to witness first-hand its daily proceedings, especially during sitting sessions.

Vice-principal Mr Rusiate Yaranamua conveyed the school’s sincere appreciation to the team for bringing Parliament down to them.

“Thank you for enlightening us more about Parliament and we are so fortunate to be part of this programme,” he said.