Kiwi students learn about the Fijian Parliament

For the love of Fiji, 15 students and four teachers from Tokoroa High School in the north islands of New Zealand made extra efforts to visit the country’s august House this morning.

Speaking on behalf of the group, tour coordinator and school teacher Sanjeena Chandra said their visit to Fiji

came with sheer efforts, sacrifice and fundraising drives.

“We have been planning this visit for about two years now as most of these students chose Fiji as their educational tour destination,” Mrs Chandra said.

“The school raised about $NZ40, 000 for this trip and we are just so astound and grateful to have visited this most-respected House.

“This is a life-changing experience for these Year 13 students and it will certainly assist them in their studies.

“Learning about the Fijian Parliament is indeed an eye-opener and very educational.”

Mrs Chandra added the educational trip was one off the students’ bucket lists.

“These students are first-timers here and we are so thankful for the opportunity and the warm reception by the staff,” she said.

“The students have learned a lot of things from how laws are made in Fiji to how people are connected to Parliament. We are forever grateful for this opportunity.”

The group has other places in Fiji to visit before returning to New Zealand next Thursday.