Kiribati Head Teachers Tour Parliament

They never thought of visiting Fiji one day, let alone its Parliament but luck turned their way when they were chosen to travel to the country for a week-long work attachment.

And for the Kiribati natives who are Head Teachers, Mrs Atiria Asiria and Mrs Boatererei Tokamauea, the attachment is a dream come true  as  it granted them the opportunity to visit various parts of Suva, including Parliament.

The duo were part of the Fiji-Japan Regional Programme which is coordinated by the Primary Section of the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts, Library Services and National Archives.

As part of the work attachment, the pair along with eight other Kiribati Head Teachers also toured Parliament after completing their attachments in some of the best performing Fiji primary schools.

Mrs Tokamauea said they were so amazed at what they saw in Parliament because it was something they never saw before.

“The Fiji Parliament is big compared to ours and it’s well-structured and informative,” she said after the tour yesterday (08/11).”

“We have learnt so many things about its history and its present operations.”

“Also, we were informed of who the Members of Parliament are and their roles, among other important issues.”

“We are just so happy to be here and we would love to bring our children here one day. This is our first visit to Fiji and we have learnt so much already about this place in just a week.”

Mrs Asiria shared similar views, saying the tour of Parliament was really a good learning opportunity and eye-opening.

“Back in Kiribati, our Parliament is not that big but to be here and witness the structure of the Fiji Parliament, that is one good learning experience,” she said.

“We thank JICA, the Education Ministry and the Fiji Parliament for this golden opportunity and we’ll certainly share this experience to our loved ones back home.”