IPU Needs Assessment Mission to assist Parliament

Members of Parliament (MPs) are currently attending a one-day introductory workshop on Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Needs Assessment Mission on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Gender Equality.

The introductory workshop is mainly to sensitize MPs and secretariat staff on gender equality and SDG issues, understand key challenges and concerns to be addressed and introduce the mission’s objectives.

Whilst opening the workshop, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Honourable Ruveni Nadalo noted that this mission is intended to assist the Parliament of Fiji in undertaking a comprehensive review of its functions in relation to gender equality and the SDGs.

“Parliament recognizes that its institutional capacity, structures and work processes need to be continuously strengthened through workshops of this sort,” Hon. Nadalo said.

Representative of UNDP, Ms Akiko Fuji noted that Parliament has a key role to play.

“It is both a catalyst for SDG progress and the national body that can track Fiji’s progress in achieving the SDGs. Once the SDGs have been localised in Fiji with clear priorities and baselines, it will be important for MPs through Committees and through your work in the Chamber to provide much needed national oversight of that progress.”

“UNDP has actively engaged with Fiji’s programme in supporting women’s political and economic participation through the Fiji government’s Market 4 Change Project and Parliament Support Project.”

Ms Fuji mentioned that UNDP stands ready to assist Fiji to proritise and localize SDGs.

The IPU delegation consists of Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Uganda, Hon. Betty Amongi MP, Member of Parliament from Romania, Hon. Laszlo Borbely and Gender and Parliamentary Expert, IPU Consultant Ms. Sonia Palmieri.