High number of women in Parliament commended

56-year Sakaraia Nakatasavu of Wainawaqa Village in Naitasiri was full of praises of the high number of women now represented in Parliament.

During the ‘Parliament Bus’ programme conducted at Nadakuni Village hall on Wednesday for villagers of Nadakuni, Navurevure and Wainawaqa, Mr Nakatasavu noted that gender-equality is an issue we cannot evade anymore.

“So many times I’ve heard about gender-equality. In these modern times, we have no control over these issues and it’s about time that we have a good number of women represented in Parliament.”

“For me, women are very good in holding key leadership positions. A very good example is the leadership role that Speaker plays in Parliament,” the former police officer said.

For Seruwaia Tokairavua, ‘Question Time’ was an area she found interesting.

“It was explained that Members of Parliament need to submit their questions in advance before Parliament sittings.”

“I usually thought that questions (oral and written questions) are asked by any Member of Parliament during sittings.”

“Now I realise that all questions and answers are prepared in advance before any Parliament sitting,” Mrs Tokairavua said.

The Parliament Bus programme was also conducted at Nabukaluka Village Hall for villagers of Nabukaluka and Nauluvatu. Students of Nabukaluka Village School were also present while students of Nadakuni Village School were present at Nadakuni village hall.

Students understanding of how Parliament works is important for general knowledge purposes and importantly as it is covered at certain levels in the school curriculum.