Be good decision-makers: Speaker urges women

Speaker Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni this morning encouraged a group of women from the Lau Group to never demean themselves and their potentials but rather be good-decision makers for the benefit of their families.

While addressing the women during their tour of Parliament, Hon. Dr Luveni shared her professional and personal experiences with them, motivating them to recognise their worth and utilise it well in every aspect of their lives.

Speaking in the Lau dialect, Hon. Dr Luveni said women were the cornerstone of many families and more so, their decisions always had a major positive impact on the lives of their respective family members.

Hon. Dr Luveni said women were good decision-makers because most of the things they decided were always for the benefit their loved ones.

Sharing her role as the Speaker, she said she always applied good judgement and decision-making.

The Speaker further elaborated that her role was no easy task given that there were more men than women in Parliament.

But this has not stopped her from making the right decisions using the rules in the Standing Orders whenever Parliament is in session.

Hon. Dr Luveni also encouraged the women to carry out their daily chores well and serve God wholeheartedly.