Gau and Lau students visit Parliament

It’s that time of the year that the Fijian Parliament receives a lot of requests from groups, especially schools from the outlying islands as it coincides with the annual athletics competition that is held at the HFC Stadium in Suva.

Gau Secondary School students and teachers visited Parliament last week while the students from Ratu Finau Secondary School in Lakeba, Lau visited yesterday.

The students were given a brief presentation on the roles and functions of Parliament and toured the Parliament Chamber and the Discovery Centre.

Yesterday, the students from Ratu Finau were fortunate to be joined by the Minister for Agriculture and Waterways, Hon. Vatimi Rayalu in the Parliament Chamber.

Hon. Rayalu encouraged the students to study hard and to reach tertiary level of education. He reminded them that to become a Member of Parliament, one has to be an active member of society, whether it be at village level or youth group.

“When you decide to enter politics, people ought to know you. It’s important to always engage with the people and when you enter Parliament, don’t ever forget those that enabled you to reach here,” Hon. Rayalu said.

Year 13 student, Rokini Bukalidi shared her experience when she visited Parliament for the first time.

“We learnt about Parliament in school and setting foot inside the Chamber was a different feeling altogether. For us students from Lau, this is an experience we will never forget.”

“We’re also thankful for Hon. Rayalu as he took his time from his busy schedule to talk to us and encouraged us that nothing is difficult. If he can become a Member of Parliament, we, the students of Lau can one day become a Member of Parliament also and serve our people and the next generation.”

“My advice to my peers is to put God first in everything you do. Whatever problem you’re facing, know that you’re not alone as others around the world are going through the same thing,” Rokini added.

The students later visited the Fiji Museum then the Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways Headquarters before returning to the island later this week.