Fijian Parliament library participate at National Library Week for the first time

In a bid to heighten awareness about the significant role and functions of Parliament, the Fijian Parliament Library participated for the first time in the National Library Week celebrations at Suva’s Sukuna Park throughout this week.

With the celebration coming to a close today, those visiting the Parliament tent are now well-informed about the institution as well as the role of its library.

Manager Research and Library Mr Josua Namoce said that many people are unaware of the existence of the Parliament Library, although it caters only for Members of Parliament, secretariat and research staff of political parties in Parliament.

“The National Library Week is an opportunity for the Department of Legislature to create awareness about Parliament and also the importance of libraries,” he said.

“The Parliament Library and our Civic Education and Media team have been working throughout the week to inform people about Parliament and also promote the importance of library, information and reading.”

“Parliamentary libraries play a very important role in providing research and information support to Members of Parliament. Information and knowledge are very important tools that help MPs effectively and efficiently carry out their parliamentary work and the Parliament Library is a key provider of these..”

The Parliament Library, Mr Namoce added, also played another important function for the Fiji Parliament.

“It curates and stores parliamentary publications such as Hansard reports, parliamentary papers, parliamentary committee reports and other important resources.

Although the library caters specifically for MPs, it also networks with other libraries and shares some of its materials to these libraries,” he said.

“We look forward to next year’s National Library Week and hope to contribute more towards the national effort to promote libraries and literacy.”

At the same time, some women’s groups who were part of the celebration had the lifetime opportunity to visit Parliament to witness first-hand the composition of the institution.