Fiji convenes SIDS Parliaments to discuss impact of climate change

The Fijian Parliament, in partnership with the Seychelles Parliament, is organising the first ever meeting of Parliamentarians from Small Island Developing States (‘SIDS’). The meeting will discuss the upcoming COP23, the role of Parliaments in engaging on climate change issues and ways in which SIDS Parliaments can better communicate and network. The meeting is being held as part of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (‘IPU’) General Assembly taking place in St Petersburg, Russia.

The Fijian Parliament Speaker, Hon. Dr Jiko Luveni, stated – “The Fijian Parliament is keen to ensure that the issue of climate change is discussed at these important global meetings and the voices of the Parliaments of Small Island Developing States is prominent. Climate change is having a dramatic impact on our countries and we need to ensure that Parliamentarians from other countries are aware of the immediate need for action.”

The Hon. Speaker added that she was delighted that the Fijian Parliament is co-chairing with Seychelles this first ever meeting of SIDS Parliaments. “We have much in common and much we can learn from each other. I am encouraged by the response received so far from Pacific Parliaments as well as from SIDS Parliaments from other parts of the world. We are grateful for the support of UNDP in bringing together SIDS Parliaments and for providing a space for the voice of SIDS Parliaments to be heard at major international Parliamentary events”.