Excellence is critical in Parliament – Namosimalua

Striving for excellence is not a dream or vision but is reality in a parliamentary setting.

This was highlighted by the Acting Secretary-General to Parliament Mrs Viniana Namosimalua during the opening of the 2019/2020 Department operational planning workshop yesterday.

Senior managers were reminded that it was now time to find new and improved ways to the approach and deployment of their planned activities.

“We have come through one term of parliament and one Strategic Plan (2014-2018) and are now into quarter three of the first year of our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.

“We have come a long way despite our challenges. But effective approach and deployment cannot be possible without the positive attitude of staff.

“Having a good attitude and thoughts about a task or outcome is what produces a stronger work ethic and increased motivation and productivity, and as leaders of your unit, it starts with you,” Mrs Namosimalua said.

Participants were also reminded that their plans need to be kept simple, achievable, measurable and timely.

“This way it can be easily implemented by staff and they can clearly see themselves in all the working plans and fully understand that when they provide legal advice or simply make a cup of tea for the MPs, they are contributing to the secretariats vision and mission. Let’s encourage a results based culture for the Secretariat,” Mrs Namosimalua added.

Manager Monitoring and Evaluation Lois Vakarau said the workshop will help managers and leaders look back at the challenges they faced in the past term of Parliament and how they can improve their performances, especially in the areas of serving Members of Parliament.

The workshop ends this afternoon, Friday 15 March 2019.